Class of '83 40th reunion

Wednesday Evening, May 31 - late Friday evening, June 2, 2023


Our 40th Reunion is in the books! Huge thanks to all of our classmates who worked so hard to put together a very special three days. Those of us who were able to attend have great moments to remember and look forward to gathering again in five years (or before!). 

If you were not able to attend, know that we missed you and hope you will enjoy seeing familiar faces in our Photo Album and by viewing recordings of our daytime programming.

The Class Memorial Service and our Reasons to Be Cheerful series (including Glimpses and the Class Survey) are available for viewing at the links on the left. For privacy, all but the Memorial service are behind a Harvard Key login.


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Red Books have been mailed out.  Check the FAQ's here if you haven't received yours or would like to report an error.

Pre-Reunion Events -We had a great series of 40th Reunion regional in-person pre-reunion events!  Enjoy this slide show of photos from get-togethers from across the country and around the world.



And a very special thanks to our Reunion Co-Chairs Carol Jackson Cashion and Jang-Ho Cha.  The work you two and the reunion committee did allowed the class to reconnect and rejoice in friendships old and new.


40th Reunion 

Reunion Schedule

Video Recordings:

Class Memorial Service

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part I: Glimpses and the Class Survey (requires Harvard Key login)

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part II: Making New Friends (requires Harvard Key login)

Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part III: Ba-dee-ya, Dancing in September; How to Make the Coming Decades Amazing (begins at minute 00:52 and requires Harvard Key login)

More Class Survey Fun! Click HERE to dig into the data and view lists of:

What we are watching on TV

What we are reading

What movies we have seen recently

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Letter from Reunion Co-Chairs

Recorded Pre-Reunion Events (requires HarvardKey Login)

      Conversation with Jamie Raskin