Use these links during reunion

Link to this website page with all links:

Upload and view 35th Reunion Photos:


Link to Live Survey Questions - during Class Survey Presentation, Sat 2:15-3pm


Facebook Group “HR 1983”




WiFi access in Hub '83


If you'd like to go to a place with WiFi, join us in Hub83 (Ticknor).



Wifi Instructions


Open Settings à Wi-Fi.

Choose “Harvard Guest.”

Wait for WiFi to load and connect. You will see the WiFi logo in the top of the phone screen.

Open Safari (or any browser).

Type “” into the search bar.

You should then be redirected to the wifi login page – please press on the guest access button.


If you experience any problems, please ask for assistance.

reunion tech highlights:

1. Large Screen TV monitors in Hub83 (Ticknor) showing "Classmate Art" and "Live Reunion Photos" submitted by classmates

-to submit photos you take during reunion, open the browser on your phone and go to:


(see detailed instructions on next page)


2. Laptop computer available for Skype sessions with classmates who can't attend reunion (Hub83) -- ask your friends for their Skype address and arrange a time to Skype.


3. Live Stream of Radcliffe Day on big screen in Hub83 (Ticknor Lounge), 

Friday beginning at 10:30am

Foreign Policy panel with our very own Michèle Flournoy ’83

Tribute to Secretary Clinton delivered by Madeleine Albright

Keynote conversation between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey ’92.


4. Live Survey Questions during presentation of Class Survey results (Sat 2:15-3pm)

- point your cell phone browser to during the survey to answer live polling questions and see instant results


5. Live stream to HR 1983 Facebook Group from the Class Survey - let classmates who couldn't attend know they can log into the "HR 1983" Facebook group to watch the Class Survey presentation live.